Kale is Good for You . . . Even at $50 per pound?

I was cruising down the front of the aisles of the grocery store on the way to get my favorite chips, when I spotted an end display for organic kale chips.  “Oooo!” I thought, “My wife would love these. “Let me snag a bag since the big fat sign here says $0.79.”

Then I grabbed my favorite chips and went to check out.  The checker, Alma, was really friendly, great customer service. The total came to a whopping $12.59. I paid, but then stopped to check the receipt. I was expecting more like $5 max. The receipt said, $6.29 for a 2 oz bag of Kale chips. At $0.79 per bag, I should have eight bags. There’s got to be some kind of mistake. That’s over $50 a pound! For kale! Talk about sticker shock.

I went back to Alma and told her the kale chips were supposed to be $0.79.  The next checker went to look, since they were right across the aisle.  “He’s right, they are $0.79!” she called back.  Then Alma went to look.  “No, that’s $0.79 for the water.” (Water? I didn’t see any water.)

The other checker looked again and said, “Right, it says the water is $0.79.”

So I returned the Kale chips as way too expensive. What does Organic Kale cost these days. According to the SouthernCali Saver site, organic kale (at the same store even) is on sale for $0.99 per pound. And SouthernCali Saver will even throw in a free kale chip recipe.

It really bums me out that so-called natural food companies gouge health conscious consumers. Why the heck is “natural” food so expensive? Shouldn’t it be cheaper than processed food? Don’t even get me started on gluten-free food. That’ll be a post for another day.

Maybe I’ll just grow my own. How about that for a paradigm shift?

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Kale Vates Blue Curled Great Heirloom Vegetable 500 Seeds By Seed Kingdom


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