Is This Retirement?

Since I retired six weeks ago I have been dreaming about work every single night! Is this retirement? 

Last night’s  work dream was a doozy: 

My old CEO called me in desperation to work on a project for several weeks. I’d been working there a week when the CEO called several people, one-by-one into her office. She gave each person four words. We had to explain what they meant in the context of the company (or else!). 

This was some kind of test; a fact-finding mission designed to pin the blame on some poor donkey. The consequences for failure were severe. 

I don’t remember all four words, but the third word was blackrock. I got all four wrong. I thought Black Rock was an investment broker (it is). 

The CEO asked the people under me and they got split four wrong too. I was in double trouble. I was VERY angry because I felt that the test was unfair. How could she call me back, asking for a favor, then test me like that? 

I asked around. Blackrock is a phrase we were supposed to type in to run a logoff script. IT was supposed to train everyone, but that was before I returned. No one in my department remembered any training. 

It turns out that the IT staffer who checked off the training just made an announcement over the antiquated PA system. Most people either didn’t hear or understand it. No one was using the black rock script. 

I guess it was causing problems on the server so the IT manager complained to the CEO. I was so incensed that I started writing a nasty resignation letter. This incident was completely contrary to the new culture that the company  was trying to build. 

I felt that it was IT’s fault and the staff shouldn’t have been reprimanded like that. I was going to just put my keys in the envelope with my resignation and walk out, to heck with the project.


About 1heartle

My passion and obsession is with books, reading, life-long learning, libraries, literacy and tutoring. A second passion is public speaking, teaching and powerful presentations. I am always experimenting with new teaching and training methods in an effort to find the most effective way to engage learners.
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