Dream July 30, 2016: Praying for Peace

This is the first time I have dreamed of Father Moon since his passing almost four years ago. I’ve had other dreams when the gathered members were expecting him to come and speak to us, but I always woke up before he came.

This time I am in the CARP office on the sixth floor of the New Yorker Hotel. This is where I worked in the early eighties. It is one of the Church Holy Days. It feels like Children’s Day (in Autumn). All of us have been given an outreach kit, about the size of a shoe box. Everyone leaves the office to go to the Terrace Room on the first floor to hear an explanation about the outreach box. Father Moon is scheduled to come in the evening to speak to all of us.

I don’t like crowds so I hang back in the office. No hurry. The main event is in the evening.

I hear Father Moon shouting in the distance. Members come running back into the office. “Father is upset because nobody brought their Divine Principle lectures on cassette tapes. (We used cassette tapes with, two, four and six hour lectures for outreach in 1976-1977.) Our department didn’t receive the DP tapes. I remembered that I still had my cassettes at home in storage.

We went back down to the Terrace Room where Father Moon was speaking. I sat on the floor about two-thirds of the way toward the back. Father was wandering around the room while he was speaking, looking closely at each person, occasionally making personal comments.

He stops in front of me and talks for quite a while. He is addressing me as well as the whole room. As he talks, he pats me on the head, the way he so times did to members at Belvedere in the front row.

It’s frustrating that I can’t remember what he said to me even though the rest of the dream is so vivid in my memory.  While he’s talking, I have a vision of sitting in a square in a downtown area. I’m holding a sign that reads, “Praying for Peace”. The idea is that I will pray with people who want peace. It could be any kind of peace, world peace, peace in their family, or inner peace.

Father Teaching

Then Father goes back to the stage and continues talking. He shows two slides side-by-side. On the left is a traditional style Divine Principle lecture diagram. Then he reveals the slide on the right, saying, “You can also teach Divine Principle using fairy tales.” This slide is an illustration from Shim Cheong (the most famous Korean fairy tale).

He invites each team to come up and give a presentation on what they have done successfully. One fundraising team describes their success selling “Wreaths for Peace” during the Christmas season. They display the wreaths which had a ribbon across the top with the slogan, Wreaths for Peace”.


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My passion and obsession is with books, reading, life-long learning, libraries, literacy and tutoring. A second passion is public speaking, teaching and powerful presentations. I am always experimenting with new teaching and training methods in an effort to find the most effective way to engage learners.
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