HMO TV: Dr. Oz Acts Like an HMO Doctor

My wife had a day off from work yesterday, so we did a lot of stuff outside of our normal routine.  We just happened to be flipping channels and caught Dr. Oz in the afternoon.  I’d never watched his show before. I know some people (Oprah) really seem to like him, so I was curious.  First off, his segments were really short.  He didn’t really spend enough time with each guest for my liking.  (What is this?  HMO TV?) I wanted to hear more from each of them. 

We usually watch Create TV, a public TV channel.  They have longer shows with different people.  We like the chefs.  They go into detail while they cook, so we can see how they do it.  We get a sense of their personalities when they bring on guests to their shows.  The chefs have cool accents from Mexico, South Carolina, New Zealand, Italian and even an Irish guy. 

Dr. Oz brought on Nigella Lawson who has a show on the Food Network – Nigella Express and has a new book out Simply Nigella.  I’d never heard of her, but wanted to hear what she had to say. 

First off, shame on the sound people! She has a soft voice and a British accent.  I couldn’t hear a word.  And I was wearing my hearing aid, really! 

Also, Dr. Oz, what is with all he hand grabbing? 

After sitting with the guest for a couple of questions, he gets up, grabs her hand and drags her over to a table where some ingredients are spread out.  “Oooo!  Now it’s going to get good,” I thought.  I hear Nigella mention something about pickled peppers.  She starts to show how she makes the brine. Now Dr. Oz back with the hand grab again, dragging her over to another section of the table.  Bang! He’s waving her book and it’s cut to commercial.  What a disappointment. 

Seriously Dr. Oz, what is up with the hand grabbing your female guests?  In the short time we watched I saw him grab and drag two women.  Does he do that with his male guests?  I felt sure one of them would smack the guy. The only reason he didn’t get slapped was that they knew the cameras were running. 

Anyway, I went straight to the LA County Library website and checked out Simply Nigella, because I want to know how to pickle peppers!  I felt I had to write this blog post because I felt so cheated, and Nigella Lawson must have felt cheated too. 

I hope you check out her book, and I will stay away from HMO TV.



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