Choose Your Reward

Meditating on Matt 10:41
“The one who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and the one who receives a righteous person because he is a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward.” (ESV)

The reward is not in the prophet or righteous man, but in me and in my attitude. How receptive am I?

Isn’t it true that the person who treats a righteous man or prophet like a fool, will receive a fools reward? My boss or parent may be hiding a treasure trove of wisdom, but disrespect will prevent me from discovering and receiving that gift.

“Pay deep respect to all people, no matter what kind of person they may be. As a child, be respectful towards an elderly man. Think over your words three times before uttering them and always have a humble attitude.” 
~Rev Sun Myung Moon (How to Gain Spiritual Help)

Each person is created by God with unique gifts. We can find the righteous man or woman in every person we meet if we are willing to make the effort. God placed that unique gift in them for us to discover.

“Consider all things holy. Why does a handkerchief owned by a holy man become so valuable? Because of the vibration of the holy man. So you, too, should give all things a holy value. When you touch something, feel that you are giving it glory. The same holds true for the people we meet and live with. When you see another person, how much do you care for him or her? How do you feel towards that person? You must really love the people you meet, because they are the temples of God. When you touch another person, feel that through your touch, both of you will be blessed.” ~Rev Sun Myung Moon (How to Gain Spiritual Help)

Bias, prejudice and bigotry blinds us to the gift wrapped up inside. It’s like throwing away a birthday present, unopened, because we didn’t like the wrapping paper.

I remember one Christmas when we tried to be frugal and recycled the Sunday funnies as wrapping paper. The gifts inside were just as welcome as if they were wrapped in expensive gift wrap.

“Respect all things as holy things.

Respect all men as holy men.

Respect yourself as a holy person.

Respect your mind as holy.

Respect your body as holy.

~Rev Sun Myung Moon (How to Gain Spiritual Help)

Unwrap a new gift from God by discovering something precious by meeting a new person and getting to know them today.


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My passion and obsession is with books, reading, life-long learning, libraries, literacy and tutoring. A second passion is public speaking, teaching and powerful presentations. I am always experimenting with new teaching and training methods in an effort to find the most effective way to engage learners.
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