Gluten Free Apple Cinnamon Bread With Chia Seeds

I have been making gluten free bread for about a year now. My favorite mix is King Arthur Flour gluten free bread mix. It is pretty easy to make and turns out a nice fluffy loaf that everybody loves. I usually make a couple modifications to the standard recipe on the box. We don’t drink regular mix due to issues with lactose, so I substitute either coconut milk or almond milk. I also use coconut oil instead of any other vegetable oil. Once I used olive oil when I was low on coconut oil.

The box says to use all ingredients at room temperature. This is a key step. One problem with coconut oil is that it turns hard at below 76 degrees. In the winter in SoCal the house is cool and the oil is hard. We don’t have room for a microwave in our little kitchen, so I warm up the container in a pan of hot tap water. Once I poured the oil in the bowl on top of cold milk and it congealed right back up. 

Warming things up to room temperature also helps the yeast to grow making the dough rise. 


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