How God Speaks Through Movies

Praying Medic recently blogged about How God Speaks through Film. He wrote about The Matrix and American Sniper.  Many readers commented on how God spoke to them through certain movies.

God has spoken to me through movies ever since I had my conversion experience. I don’t think that there is anything special about me, beside the fact that God loves me and is desperate to convey His love. Since I love books, music and movies, He speaks to me through the things I love. Just as I love to hang out with my daughter, sharing books and movies, God loves to share the same things with me.  

My wife and I always loved to take our daughter to the movies, especially to watch things she wanted to see.  Going together and sharing the experience was more important than what the movie was.  

If God speaks to you during a movie, thank Him, and be grateful that you found something that you both can share.  Celebrate your connection to Him!

Some movies have a very deep message, that gets even deeper with every viewing. One of my favorites is Field of Dreams, because it deals with the Father, Son relationship.  (“If you build it, He will come.”) 

This week we are preparing for True Mother (Rev. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon) to come to Madison Square Garden on Saturday, July 15, 2017, to speak on the topic, Peace Starts with Me, a modern solution to our divided culture. (I hope to see you there!)

Another movie that really spoke to me, in relation to True Mother was The Last Mimsy. This was a little known Sci-Fi movie for kids.  It ended with a powerful message about the True Mother.  Really!×11.pdf


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