Dad’s Messages from the Other Side 

Last night I dreamed that my Dad was sending me messages from the spirit world. He used an old VCR to record the messages, then mailed the tapes to us. We also had an old VCR that we kept just to watch his messages.

My eyesight wasn't so good, so I needed my wife’s help to understand the messages. (How typical of me to rely on her for the truly important stuff, like communication with my family.)

He sent a message about his VCR. An internal chip was soon going to be obsolete. If he didn't upgrade his VCR he wouldn't be able to send any more messages. He wanted us to send money so he could replace that chip.

I checked our machine but couldn't tell if we needed the same upgrade. I was feeling frustrated and complained, “Why doesn't he use the DVD player we gave him?”

Then I realized that he couldn't record on the DVD player. I was surprised at the sophistication of Dad’s video editing and wondered where he got the editing equipment. 
Do you ever dream of loved ones who have passed on? What kind of messages do they sent you?

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