Portuguese Update

A few months ago I blogged about using the Bible to study Portuguese (here). One of our resolutions was to read the Portuguese translation of the Exposition of the Divine Principle, (Exposição do Princípio Divino).

We ordered copies from a relative in my wife’s hometown. We started reading on Feb. 6, 2017.  I finished reading my copy on July 7, 2017. It is a total of 457 pages and it took 151 days for an average of three pages per day.

I made one interesting discovery. While reading in English I tend to speed read. I takes me about two weeks to finish the English version of DP. I comprehend what I’m reading and had many additional insights during the three years it took to read it one hundred times.

When reading the Portuguese wersion I read slower to translate and digest each word. I often read a sentence twice, once to translate each word, then again to grasp the sentence as a whole.

On July 8th I started over. I want to see how my comprehension and speed increases.

NIV Portugues -English Bilingual Bible

Biblia Ingles/Portugues-Marrom-NVI-Holy Bible Portuguese/English (Portuguese Brazilian) Bonded Leather

Exposition of the Divine Principle (English-color coded)

Exposition of the Divine Principle (Kindle edition)

Exposiçao do Principío Divino (Portuguese PDF version)
Divine Principle Study Bible for Truth Seekers KJV Study Bible 

ESV Study Bible – personal size paperback

ESV Study Bible – Kindle edition


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