Scientific Evidence for Noah’s Ark 


A couple days ago I was reading through a heated thread about Noah’s Ark on Facebook. Someone posted a negative comment to the effect that there is no scientific evidence that proves Noah’s Ark ever existed. 

I ment to post this link to a scientific study on Noah’s Flood as a response, but never got around to it. The original thread has degenerated into bitter sniping from two sides of an unrelated issue, so I won’t link back to it from here. 

I remember walking into my local library, looking for something to read on the new releases shelves. Noah’s Flood, on the nonfiction shelf caught my eye. I love to read about biblical archeology and sometimes find fascinating information and new theories. The story of Noah’s Flood also appears in the Epic of Gilgamesh

Geologists have never found evidence of a global flood. In this book the authors looked for a local or regional flood that might tie into the story of Noah. They found a catastrophic flood in the region of the Black Sea about ten thousand years ago. 

When the ice age was ending and the oceans were rising, the Mediterranean Sea broke through the Bosphorus and flooded the freshwater lake where the Black Sea is now, that was a thriving center of culture and civilization. 

Bosphorus from space

The torrent of water was so enormous that it could have taken forty days to equalize the level of the Mediterranean and the Black Seas. The force of the water cut the deep and narrow channel on the Bosphorus. In the process, a gigantic waterfall must have created its own weather system, the source of the fourty days and nights of rain.

 Bridalvale Falls in Yosemite National Park.
The authors used a research vessel with undersea radar to locate the ancient buried lakefront villages. Then they drilled core samples to verify that it had once been a freshwater lake based on the fossils located at different depths. 

It was a fascinating book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

 Epic of Gilgamesh                                                   Noah’s Flood 


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