Do Dream Characters Evolve, and what does it mean if they do?

A couple nights ago a new character appeared in my dream. Sometimes I have recurring dreams of places, but rarely of people or characters. I almost never dream about people I know in my waking life. Usually the characters in my dreams are pretty random and rarely have ongoing roles.

I dreamed about Navajo St. in Denver, where I lived for six years in Elementary School and Jr High.itwas evening, and I was an adult. I walked down to the north end of the street. I met a middle-aged man who resembled a mentally challenged homeless person. He was standing near the corner in kind of a lonely daze. 

I realized that Hee wasn’t homeless, just kind of lost. He didn’t speak, or maybe he couldn’t speak. He was pretty bundled up with a coat, scarf and knit cap. I realized that he was a servant or slave belonging to the rundown factory at the end of the alley. I took his arm and guided him back to the building.

It had been some kind of auto repair shop, but the owner wasn’t doing much business any more. Instead of letting this old man go, he was keeping him around, giving him room and board. The old guy was lonely and would wander off looking for some human interaction. Then he would get lost, even though he was only half a block away, and still in sight of the shop.

He lived in a little closet space on the second floor, marked number 12 in white paint. He had to climb up a wooden ladder built into the wall to get into his closet.

After taking him home, I started thinking about what I could do for him. I wanted to do something for him to cheer him up. Luckily, tomorrow was Christmas. I could surprise him with a gift. 

There was a collection of used clothing in the basement of the church nearby. I found a blanket with an interesting pattern on it, and some other clothes. I put it all in the washer to make sure everything was clean.  I also found a pretty spiffy white fedora that I thought would look good on him.

I woke up before I could bring the stuff back to him the next day.  

I’ve been thinking about this dream a lot the last couple of days.  This old guy reminds me of the Big Dummy who was a recurring character all my life. He first appeared as a huge dark monster, like a black Sasquatch, that was chasing me. Once I recognized this monster as a shadow character, he morphed into a lost eight year old boy with Downs Syndrome.  I met him in that form a few times over the last ten years. Now it seems he has evolved along with me into retirement.

I’m just curious to know if anyone else has recurring dream characters and how these have changed over the years.


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