Evolution vs. Creation 

Sometimes while I’m driving my mind goes off on a tangent. I got started thinking about the creative mind and its effect on evolution. Did material things evolve on their own, or was there some kind of input from a creative mind (God)?

I’m not a philosopher, just a Moonie with a brain. As a Unificationist I believe that God created the universe in six stages that took some enormous amount of time, represented as days in the creation story in Genesis. God invested constant and tremendous energy and love into the creative process.

I was thinking about the evolution of the automobile. If I were a future archeologist looking at the physical evidence in car graveyards, would I think that cars evolved on their own, from blocks of steel and rubber into the cars we drive around today?

“Materialism is a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all things, including mental things and consciousness, are results of material interactions.” ~Wikipedia

The evolution of automobiles kind of fits the way I think about God’s creation. Every year, the car guys, mechanical engineers, make changes to the previous year’s design. Some changes may involve radical transformation in the way cars are made, like the introduction of the assembly line, then the introduction of robots to the assembly line.

At each stage a lot of thought and creative energy went into the changes that were implemented. There was nothing in the metal, plastic, or rubber that spontaneously made those changes. Everything sprang from the collective creative minds in each company.

I wonder how much love went into the process. Did the companies and engineers really love the end users, drivers and families? Or was the motivation purely profit? That is a more complicated issue.

I lived through the regulatory changes of the sixties when the car companies were forced to include seat belts. Then the crash test dummies forced other regulatory changes. Love for consumers, not so much. There were a couple of companies with a better reputation, like Volvo for safety, and Honda for fuel efficiency.


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