Butterfly Brain

Simply Jessica Ruth

Writers Block – When your imaginary friends refuse to talk to you

Like butterflies, the thoughts in my head uncontrollably flutter around, land momentarily and then take flight before I have a chance of catching them.

I’m scared, this is how I lost the continuity of my blog last time, my brain suddenly stops thinking of what to write. Is it the fact that I post too many articles a day? Or is it simply because I have no more creative storage? Do I need to upgrade my brain for a newer model?

My page is hard to follow, this is because its random. I post anything that is currently on my mind; loves, hates, fears, opinions. But the more I express, the more difficult it is for me to come up with new things to say, to talk about. This doesn’t make any sense, surely a random blog should be…

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About 1heartle

My passion and obsession is with books, reading, life-long learning, libraries, literacy and tutoring. A second passion is public speaking, teaching and powerful presentations. I am always experimenting with new teaching and training methods in an effort to find the most effective way to engage learners.
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