Mandioc, Tapioca, Cassava, Yucca???

Yoki Cheese BreadOn Sunday I was chatting with a friend after church about cooking yummy Brazilian food.  A real favorite is Pao de Queso.  It is little balls of bread with parmesan cheese.

We usually make cheese bread from a mix we buy at our local Brazilian store, Brazil Mania, in Torrance.  But not everybody has a Brazilian Store close by, so I gave her some tips. This is one of the recipes I shared with her from Olivia’s Cuisine blog. Pao de Queso.

On Monday we went shopping at our local Whole Foods Market.  I was looking for chickpea flour in the gluten-free section and notices a wide variety of prices for Tapioca flour vs Cassava flour.  (Hint: it’s the same thing!)

HeCassava Flourre are some of the pictures I took showing the brands and prices.  There is quite a difference in prices, from $8.99 per pound (Otto’s) to $3.29 on sale for 18 Oz from Arrowhead Mills.

bob's Red Mill Tapioca FlourArrowmills Tapioca Flour

I also checked prices on (Associate links may be included).
Anthony’s 2 pounds for $12.99

Bob’s Red Mill, four-pack of 20-ounce for $11.80 ($2.95 each)





Pack of six 20-ounce for $25.54 ($4.25 each)



Here’s the Goya brand.  You can find it cheaper in the Hispanic markets. 
$8.99 for 24-ounces



As you can see, there’s quite a wide range of prices.  If you have Amazon Prime (free shipping) and are willing to buy in bulk, you can save some money, and the hassle of driving all over town looking for ingredients.

I also found a Cheese Bread Mix.


$21.38 for an 8 pack. Each pack makes 16 cheese bread balls. 


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