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Do Dream Characters Evolve, and what does it mean if they do?

A couple nights ago a new character appeared in my dream. Sometimes I have recurring dreams of places, but rarely of people or characters. I almost never dream about people I know in my waking life. Usually the characters in … Continue reading

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Running Again. In my Dreams!

Last night I dreamed that I started running again. I was running on an underground quarter mile track. Other people were training as well, mostly Europeans. My competitive nature was stimulated and I didn’t want to be defeated, even if this … Continue reading

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Fast Food

This morning I was having a nice dream. (After a three day fast and cleanse.)  Well, sorta nice.  I was waiting in a long line at a fast food place, waiting to get a refill on my Coke. I was trying to read … Continue reading

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Dream July 30, 2016: Praying for Peace

This is the first time I have dreamed of Father Moon since his passing almost four years ago. I’ve had other dreams when the gathered members were expecting him to come and speak to us, but I always woke up … Continue reading

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